Vim goto file

VimEver have one of those days when you learn something so fundamental in a tool that you use that it leaves you shaking your head and wondering "why have I never known this before?"

Today was one such day for me. I use Vim, specifially console vim,...

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Reorder rails result set

It's amazing to think that I haven't need this before now, but today I needed to reorder a Rails result set that already had an order on it. When you already have an ActiveRecord::Relation that has an order on it, when you apply another order method...

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My workspace One of the interesting things to watch with any person who is good at their craft is the tools that they use and the unique combination of tools that works for them. What works for one person usually doesn't work for another, but it's often interesting...

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Tools of the Titans

It's taken me a bit of time to read this large book. I believe that it is over 600 pages, but those 600+ pages are jam packed with wisdom gleaned from the podcasts and interviews that Tim Ferris has done over the last number of years. Paraphrased,...

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Chromebook OpenVPN

After a few failed attempts, I finally have connected my Chromebook to my OpenVPN server at home. It's both harder and deceptively easier than you'd think.

I found that the Google Docs guides here were the right ones to use for me. I was having all...

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