Why choose Tinderglow?

Here are the reasons to choose us

Honesty And Integrity

The most important reason to choose Tinderglow for your next project is our honesty and integrity. When we say something, we mean it. When we promise to get something done, we do. That's our motto, creed and how we live.

Agile development

We believe in agile development. What does this mean? More of what you want, faster at a reasonable cost. When we meet with you regularly, and change direction when you want to, you get the product that you want without the regret.

Rails Expertise

We've been working in Rails for the last four years full-time. We've worked with many different companies who have had radically different needs and styles. The common thread They love the work we do.

Great support

Supporting our customers is job #1. We have depth in our team through creative agreements with other like-minded companies so that we are always able to offer the support you require.

Our services

We are passionate about agile custom software development


We love Rails! Old Rails, the newest Rails, and all in between. We love the puzzle of figuring out an upgrade and keeping things running!

Custom Development

The really is nothing like the ability to take a dream and turn it into working code. We'd love to partner with you to make your dream a reality.

Responsive Design

In the age of mobile and IoT, having design and code that is responsive to the myriad of devices that we find in the world is essential. Tinderglow can get you there.


Tinderglow is unique in that we excel at working through the entire lifecycle -- from starting with the concept through serving and scaling your solution.


We take pride in our service to our customers. Almost always, when there is any issue on a customer's servers, we've already noticed and corrected the issue before customers even notice.


More important than any of the other items is the relatinships that we build. Trust, honesty, integrity. That is what makes or breaks a relationship. We're all about making lasting ones!

Rails upgrades completed
Happy clients
Speaking engagements

Who we are

We are happy to know you are happy

We are a group of consultants that have been around the block a few times and have created value for clients both small and large. We have been there, and done that. Our value to you is that we can use the depth and breadth of our experience to iteratively build a solution which will be exactly what you need for a fraction of the cost of other consulting firms using other methods.

We work with companies needing custom Ruby on Rails, or Groovy/Grails solutions and also with clients that need some help with their DevOps solutions. We specialize in Ansible system builds of both cloud and bare metal servers.

  • Rails development 95%

  • Rails upgrades 95%

  • Big Data 80%

  • Devops 90%

What our clients say

Get In touch with us

We'd love to talk to you and see how we can help with your development or technical needs. We're based in Lebanon, Ohio between Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. If you are too, we can schedule a meeting locally. We're glad to come out to your location to discuss how we can help or meet virtually via Skype, Facetime or other means.

Via email: hello@tinderglow.com

Via phone: (513) 486-GLOW