We Grow Through Adversity

I've been reminded a lot recently that most of the time, we, as humans, grow through adversity. We can consciously decide that we want to grow in some areas and work on those, but our real character growth comes through adversity.

Whether it be a personal relationship, a business trial or other challenge, we find out what we are capable of, and what we should change most often when we are challenged.

The key to growth is learning the lesson that is put before us. That may be that we learn that we are stonger or more capable than we thought we were. It may be that we learn the hard way, as I have, where my limits really are. It may also be that we learn to be more selfless, even when we don't want to be.

Life is hard. Over my years on the earth I've started to learn to lean into the pain and adversity and learn from it. Am I perfect? No, not even close. I will continue to learn!

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