The Pleasures of working in the Cloud

When it comes to being a developer and DevOps person in the last 10 years or so, there are definitely challenges that come from the ability to scale like we've never seen before. There are, however, some things that make life easier than it has been in the past.

Take, for example, the ability to back up a server completely before making potentially dangerous changes. Sure, we've always been able to back things up before doing scary changes, but the ability to do that online, while the server is running in a way that is transparent to the running application and then bring up a second server that looks just like it as a backup "hot server" is something that was unheard-of when I started to work in the industry.

Another fun example is being able to scale the disk that you have an application running on, in real time, from the service providers standpoint and then onto the virtual machine that is running on their platform. Again, things that could be done before, but not anywhere as easily.

There are just so many things to talk about here. From being able to easily auto-scale an environment, to running in Kubernetes clusters, and being able to do cloud managed NFS that will scale as big as you will likely need it to.

We technologists live in exciting times – both with the technologies we get to use on a daily basis to the agility with which we get to serve our customers.

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