Ruby Libraries

When I started programming in Ruby on Rails I was turned onto the Ruby Toolbox as a place where the community generally settled on what the best Gem was for the need, be it authentication, authorization, sftp, etc.

I had a need this week to figure out a webdav or ftps client for ruby so that I could work on a pull request for middleman deploy. I host Tinderglow where I can use ftp, ftps, or webdav, but not git or sftp. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Ruby Toolbox had crashed and that the maintainer was not going to immediately put it back up, but was asking for comments from the community. I thought for a little bit about helping as a maintainer and joining in the conversation. After evaluating my current status, however, I decided to read the comments and see what everyone else was saying.

I found that there have been other sites that have come along side the Ruby Toolbox in the last couple of years. Here are a few that I have found:

At the moment I'm kind of partial towards I can search and narrow by language, but I also like seeing what's out there for other languages that I work in.

I'm so thankful for vibrant developer communities and people who give of their time to maintain these projects. As I grow Tinderglow, I'm hoping to be able to contribute more to these kinds of projects.

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