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Tinderglow Security Tinderglow is embarking on a new endeavor. The new sister company is called Tinderglow Security and, as the name implies, it will be a company focused on Security matters.

Security is a pretty broad topic to be sure. Let me tell you a few stories and that will help clarify what problem we're trying to solve and where we can serve.

A few months ago I was working with a new client on some email and calendaring setup and we got on the topic of how to store passwords, what the minimum length should be of passwords should be and other topics like that. She said, paraphrased, "you have a gift for being able to explain these types of topics simply and accessibly. Have you ever thought of starting a company to help families be more secure with what they do online and in life?" I thought that was a nice compliment, but didn't think much about it for a few months.

That was followed up by a discussion with a co-worker a few weeks ago over dinner. He is the master of all servers at one of my clients and he also goes to a lot of the "hacking conferences". It's great to be able to talk to him about things that are happening in the security world and learn things that I may have missed. Again paraphrased, he mentioned, "you should get into the penetration side of security. It's a wide open field. There aren't a ton of standards and you can write your own ticket."

When I hear things two or three times from different people, then I start thinking about how this may be speaking to me and it may be an area to get into.

I love helping people and love teaching, so this is a perfect opportunity. I'm going to let my clients lead me in the direction that they want to take this company. I'll focus on the areas of greatest need, and work from there. Tinderglow Security will have a formal website and presence soon, but we're already making an impact.

I was speaking with another one of my clients yesterday about their network and how they really need a firewall to complete and protect their business. I was explaining some of the threats and how matching a new firewall to their existing system can help with cross campus threats. That in itself is a core part of what Tinderglow Security does, but we went further than that. They have a kiosk that is used for registration and check-in. This is mounted on a wall and has a credit card reader attached. We talked about credit card PCI compliance and those types of issues and they're doing fine there. One of the other things that I noticed as I was standing there is that those touch-screens are just mounted to the wall and the credit card readers are plugged in via USB to the back of the screen. Super easy in a crowded room of people for someone to say, "this Kiosk isn't working" and then proceed to put a USB skimmer in between the credit card reader that would either capture the credit cards as they are transported into the screen or to transmit them via bluetooth to a device in the room. My client said, "Wow! We haven't even thought of that." With the knowledge of that "threat vector" they can make some changes which will make that system even more secure.

If you're interested in working with us on physical security, computer and network security or personal or family security, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 937-770-4569. We'd love to help!

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