Chromebook OpenVPN

After a few failed attempts, I finally have connected my Chromebook to my OpenVPN server at home. It's both harder and deceptively easier than you'd think.

I found that the Google Docs guides here were the right ones to use for me. I was having all kinds of trouble using files exported from my firewall and some of the other guides on the internet.

The big thing for me was using the ONC(Open Network Configuration) mentioned in the above article. Whatever is in that works, and whatever I was doing before doesn't. The one thing that I needed to change in my configuration was that I needed to add a line

"Cipher": "AES-256-CBC",

because the default cypher is BF-CBC and that was not working with my OpenVPN installation.

I hope this saves some other Chromebook using developer some time in the future. I'm loving the battery life, touchscreen, value, Termux and everything so far. I'm sure that it'll change, but developing in the cloud on a $200 chromebook that could get stolen, taken or whatever is a lot better than a $2500 Macbook. Upgrading to the latest and greatest Chromebook is also a ton less expensive.

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