Finding my current location in Ruby

I have been working on tracking down some elusive issues with some of my rspec tests, and due to the way that those work, and can work in any order, I needed a way to find out what was happening at any given time.

I had forgotten about the way that...

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Elixir/Phoenix Consulting

We've been watching the Elixir / Phoenix space in the last year or so closely to see when it will finally gain traction and we believe that time has finally arrived. We're seeing more and more new apps being built with this stack, and we're definitely...

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rspec bisect

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to figure out why a test case is failing?

You've used pry, you've run things every way imaginable, but you still can't get that failing spec to run or even fail like...

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ActiveRecord - Indexes And Ordering

Today I was trying to solve a performance problem with one of the applications that I work with and postgres. I learned a little bit more about indexes and how to get postgres to work with the index.

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Save while in Vim's Insert Mode

While doing some repeitive work in Vim today I was wondering if I could shorten the number of keystrokes or make it easier for me to save the file that I was working on and not have to get out of insert mode, save the file with a :w and then get back into insert mode.

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