Chromebook OpenVPN

After a few failed attempts, I finally have connected my Chromebook to my OpenVPN server at home. It's both harder and deceptively easier than you'd think.

I found that the Google Docs guides here were the right ones to use for me. I was having all...

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Tinderglow Security

Tinderglow Security Tinderglow is embarking on a new endeavor. The new sister company is called Tinderglow Security and, as the name implies, it will be a company focused on Security matters.

Security is a pretty broad topic to be sure. Let me tell you a few stories...

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Another one of the tools of my trade these days is an awesome tool that I use on Android called Termux.

I've found all of the SSH clients on Android lacking in one way or another. I have a pretty peculiar setup with Docker, TMux and other tools and...

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Learning more about pry

pry I'm constantly amazed about the things that I "know" but need to relearn in a practical sense daily.

One of those is all of the tools that are in the "pry" toolbox for ruby.

As anyone knows who has debugged ruby, sometimes just getting to the location...

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Giving credit where credit is due

I thought that rather than the normal technology blog or talking about how to do remote development and articles like that, today I would spend some time honoring the people who have been instrumental in my life. This is by no means an exhaustive list...

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