Remote Development

Why it works for me

One of the reasons that I love "working remotely" and also being an independent contractor is that I can have my own schedule and set my own hours.

You may be thinking "What a lucky guy, he can work when he wants and he doesn't...

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Cucumber/Turnip Testing

There once was a time when I was a young developer when I wrote code and tested it in the UI or other ways, but never wrote tests in any kind of expressive business language.

I then began to work for clients that requested it. As we all are when...

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Ruby Libraries

When I started programming in Ruby on Rails I was turned onto the Ruby Toolbox as a place where the community generally settled on what the best Gem was for the need, be it authentication, authorization, sftp, etc.

I had a need this week to figure...

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We Grow Through Adversity

I've been reminded a lot recently that most of the time, we, as humans, grow through adversity. We can consciously decide that we want to grow in some areas and work on those, but our real character growth comes through adversity.

Whether it be a...

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On Being An Independent

I've been an independent contractor a few times in my life now, and I've loved it each time I've done it. I've had to learn a lot of lessons – some of them easy and some through the school of hard knocks. I wouldn't trade any of them for an easier...

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